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1. Request Your $55 consultation
Call or email to request an appointment to schedule your $55 consultation. Your consultation will be specific towards your goals and be either personal training or Pilates-oriented. For additional information on what each consultation entails, please click here.
Getting Started
Want to sign up for OnLive training but don't know where to begin? 
Read below to get started!

For additional information and/or questions regarding our fitness programs, please call (239) 333-5771
2. Choose Your Program
Would you like personal training, Pilates, or both? Would you like to train from your computer/tablet or from our private studio? Some clients do one over the other depending on their goals, while many opt to double up on sessions to reap the most benefits. Your trainer can guide you towards the plan that is best for your needs.
3. (Optional for In-Home Training) Purchase Your Kit
The Fit Kits are completely optional; we put together a few kits for those who would like additional equipment or added variety to their workouts at home.

If interested in ideas for your Fit Kit, click here.
4. Start Training!
All that's left to do is workout! See you soon!